Stories on breast concession?

have you ever had surgery?? preferably beast concession.
Please, i would love to hear your stories. But if it is too personal,
that's ok. :D I am getting it done, and just like to know if you have feel a difference. I just want to know, how you feel now that you hold had it done, can you do more, more confidence, loss of weight, better at sports, faster running. Please let me know. thank you. greatly appreciated. :) x
i have a wonderful experience when i have a breast reduction in oct 08. i love the results and the seizure wasn't terrible. i am now at 10 months post surgery and you can't even see my scars unless you look super closely.
as for doing more, i can wear a moment ago about anything now, everything is more comfortable. can i run faster or better at sports? no. my boobs weren't effecting my coordination ability, but i don't requirement to wear as much support, one sports bra does the trick now and now i run more where since it was painful and my boobs don't get contained by the way.
i completed my first triathlon 2 weeks ago.

feel free to contact me with specific question, i will be happy to share. Source(s): breast reduction oct 08
I haven't had it but worked near a surgeon (NHS) who did these ops. Because we had worked on a new technique we had follow-ups to do isolated with the medical follow-ups. When he went back to Australia I did these follow-ups after his colleagues have assessed the medical results.
All the patients were pleased they had had the op. Most be thrilled, the one who was least pleased was one who have put on weight post op and found it difficult to accept that some of the weight have gone on to her breasts - the measurements I took showed that but she still wasn't pleased.
Most of our patients wanted to go shopping and be able to buy full length coats and dresses stale the shelf. They could all do this and said how nice it was to shop just approaching everyone else.

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