About breast enlargement creams?

Ok i've been looking up breast enlargement supplies, to help me get bigger i'm 20 yearsold, and i'm merely A32 and i wanna be at least in the B's aera, but i'm not sure if this one cream i wanna try will ACTUALLY WORK for me, i wanna try ''breast active cream'' and wanna know if any of you GIRLS own used it or heard of it, did it work for you?
I saw a review of one on youtube and the product is called lelan vital bust serum. It has a review by a female who was an a cup on there, and by what it said it was promising. heres the youtube interconnect. i have not used it before but the youtube relation has a website address on it.

I'm going to make this short and brief because I have to obtain ready for school tomorrow. But I suggest you look into an herb called pueraria mirifica, they contain phytoestrogen that mimic the effects of estrogen on the body. Since the breast contains estrogen receptors, it responds to them and effects two places surrounded by the female body, the breast and hips. It is only available in Thailand, but you can procure it from a guy named herbkerb off of ebay for 5 dollars and 4 dollar shipping (cost more when shipped quicker) that contains one hundred pills.
This herb is not liked by the FDA so i.e. why it isn't sold in stores, similar to why you have to order it from companies. They also variety something called F-cup cookies that have the same ingredients.


Hope this help!
Im not a girl

I'm a doctor

It doesn't work
theres something from victoriassecret like that that i heard works clothed

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