Breast exam babyish woman concern?

This is just slightly embarrassing...I am only 20 and I hold noticed my left breast swell up and appear larger than my right one. I decided to do a self breast nouns (which ive never done before) and discovered a rather large lump close to the armpit area...It's to some extent hard and tender when i touch it. Same thing only on the other place but contained by the same spot only smaller....I dont know is this a usual inside structure of the breasts? I'm only 20...should i still seize a clinical exam?
Also I'm before my period, is that a possible cause of the swelling?
I'd go see an OB/GYN just to label sure everything's all right. I wouldn't risk my health... it might be nothing... but it might also be something serious. Nobody but a doctor can communicate you what it is...

And at your age, you won't need a mammogram, but a regular ultrasound in your breast instead (same one used in pregnant women). Doesn't hurt or anything!

Hope this help! and I hope there's nothing wrong with you! Source(s): I've had those... get them checked and they ended up being mammal glands, all ordinary. :)
breasts do get hold of tender and can swell slightly right before your cycle. however, i am concerned that You feel tenderness and a strong lump. Hopefully, you have a good ob/gyn already since you are 20, give them or your loved ones dr a call and definitely get it checked out. also, if you drink profusely of caffeine try to cut back and see if that makes a difference. but def get it checked out its never too untimely and breast cancer is not a female only disease for all those guys out nearby. Source(s): family history of breast cancer
You inevitability to be examined by a doctor, and possibly go for a mammogram. Please take care of this soon. It might be something as simple as a swollen lymph node or even a fibroid tumor (not serious or go threatening but painful and sometimes requires surgical removal to keep from developing other issues); it's best to air on the side of caginess in case it is something more serious. Early detection is key. Does breast cancer run within your family? If so, please mention this fact to your doctor as well.
hmmm id get a clinic exam, but it could be because of ur period. but its safer to take the exam.

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