I hold on to forgetting to run my birth control pills... Any tips on how to remember to help yourself to it?

I've been on birth control for almost 4 years, so it's not a matter of leanring to take them.

I also purloin them in the mornings if this helps.
put it right subsequent to your tooth bursh assuming you brush your teeth everyday in the morning? Source(s): and I did not copy off the other answerer!
this idea come from my mind! lol
Put it in the calendar on your phone and have a reminder go past its sell-by date daily at the same time everyday to help you remember. I allllways forget so I a moment ago set an alarm on my cell phone at 4:57 so I could be ready by 5:00 to take the pill. Also I keep mine contained by my purse so I wont lose them. It'll help if you have two packs one to sign out in your car and one in your house only just in case your out or something
try writing it ona calender you have in ur room on wriet log and put them in places u regualarly go evry day, resembling on the bathroom mirror, or on ur dresser , make sure u put mor than on note, on even stick the note on ur phone so when u acquire up and get ur phone ull see it....
My doc always told me to take my pill at night in the past bed. I keep my pills right on my headboard shelf under my sleep mask.

If you still verbs to take them in the morning, put them on top of something you use every morning, approaching your toothbrush or hair brush.
Put a sign in your bedroom, subsequent to something you have to see every morning, like your bedroom door. Just write something simple, like BCP contained by a bright color so it gets your attention. Also, set the timer on your cell phone to go off more or less 20 minutes after you wake up every morning that way it you forget it after you see the sign, you will have a put a bet on up reminder.
I use the calendar on my computer to send me a message reminding me to take my pill. You could set one up to do a message, an alarm, and even email you.
I think some ethnic group just aren't made to remember those things. I couldn't remember to take my pre natal vitamins for nothing. I tried the alarm. I would shut the alarm stale and not take the pills. I would look at them every morning sitting next to my toothbrush. Still didn't take them. My 90 morning supply of vitamins lasted me 9 months and I still had some left over.
I preference I could help you with the remembering. But I really think some associates just can't be trained into a routine. I got the Depo shot and that works for me. All I have to remember is the appointment time. I can't even remember that most of the time. I hold to call the doctor to make sure. But once every three months is way better than every time.
put them next to you toothbrush?

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