Do girls ever touch guilty after taking Plan B?

I know it's extremely common for girls to feel remorse after getting an abortion but does that ever happen near plan b/the morning after pill? Or maybe just a teensy guilty?

And I just researched it because I wasn't completely sure how plan b worked and I read that some doctors believe that plan b can sometimes work after fertilization so it should be considered a form of abortion.

I would feel guilty if I thought there was even a accidental I aborted after fertilization.
Plan B does not terminate an existing pregnancy.
It either stops or delay ovulation so fertilization does not take place. In the event that an egg is fertilized, it may prevent it from attaching to the uterine wall. This is where definitions capture finicky. If you personally believe that life starts at fertilization, then I suppose you could argue that it could be a form of abortion, but Plan B will not incentive a pregnancy to terminate after implantation (8-12 days after conception) which is when I personally believe pregnancy starts. If your egg is fertilized but fails to insert during your regular menstrual cycle we don't call it miscarriage, you simply did not get pregnant and had a term. I am pro-choice but personally could never get an abortion, and I have taken Plan B lacking remorse when my other methods of birth control have failed. I'd rather prevent an unplanned pregnancy than own to go through the traumatic effects of aborting an existing pregnancy. So long as Plan B isn't used as a birth control method and is only for emergency then there should be no shame in using it. People who use Plan B instead of birth control are irresponsible. It should not be taken more than 6 times within one year.
There are prescription medications what will induce a proper abortion.
Plan B will not effect a pregnancy or fertilization. If you don't use plan B as a form of birth control and only use it when your major form of birth control (condoms, birth control pills, etc) fail then I do not believe there would be anything to feel guilty around, but that is just my opinion. If you are have doubts about plan B affecting a pregnancy or fertilization then ask your doctor for the real facts.

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