Im on the pill and i only just enjoy a few question that are charitable of urgunt !! ?

Im on the pill Microgynon 30 and i am now on my gap where i hold no pills for the second time. I am getting discharge.... normal?

I was told by the nurse if i forget my pill i have 12 hours to clutch it, this meaning it will still work. Now im just wondering if i have to lift it exsactly the same time each day, resembling 6.00pm for example. Or is it ok if one day i take it at 6.00pm, then the subsequent day at 6.30, then the next hours of daylight at 6.00 again n then next day at 7.30. ??

Now on your assessment do you think im pregnant as i began havin sex last month im freshly wondering... i havent yet come on my period, however its only be one day since i stopped my pill paket.

You would help me out aloott here!! Thankk-youu
i'm 23 and have been on the pill since i was 16 its remarkably unlikely that your pregnant. try and take the pill at roughly the same time eveyday but 1/2hour isn't going to make much difference. if you are concerned see your gp
The pill works the best if you nick it at the same keeps an even level of hormones surrounded by your body. A variation of an hour probably won't cause much of a difference in its value.

Sometimes I don't bleed until the 4th or 5th day in that "inactive week". You can transport a pregnancy test if you like, but it doesn't sound resembling it. You're protected after 1 month on the pill so if you're on your second month you should be fine.
In my week gap on Microgynon 30 I grasp a little discharge (I get a little bit sundry occasions throughout the month anyway) and then on day 5 of the break my spell comes (for most people it's 2-3 days, but everyone is different).

You don't have to take the pill and 6.00pm on the dot every hours of darkness, but it's best not to vary it too much because that increases the risk of breakthrough bleeding. However as you rightly say, a pill isn't considered missed until 12 hours after you normally whip it so you can take it at 6.00pm one night and 7.30pm on another.

Provided you have be taking the pills as directed (roughly the same time each day, haven't missed any, haven't be on antibiotics), it is highly unlikely that you are pregnant.

You can expect your period the same daylight as you got it in your last break. However if you haven't have a period by the time you are due to start your next pack, you should see your doctor just to receive sure everything is ok.

Remember your body can take up to three months to properly adjust to the pill so your periods may be a bit funny to begin near and you may get random bleeds, discharge, mood swings, sore boobs etc.

Hope that helps.
If you forget a pill, you hold up to 12 hours like the nurse said. It's better to take it at roughly the same time respectively day so that you get into a routine with it and know when to count the 12 hours from if you forget it, but it doesn't have need of to be precise with the type of pill you're on. Most people I know take it any first thing when they get up, or last piece before bed.

It can take a few days for you to get your bleed after finishing a pack of pills, and if you're lucky it might be lighter and shorter than your usual period. If nothing happens by the time you're due to start your next pack of pills, consequently it would be worth talking to the nurse again or taking a pregnancy test to make sure everything is ok.

Finally, it's average for your discharge to change a bit when you're on the pill - usually it gets a bit thicker, which make it more noticeable. If you have any symptoms alongside, like a smell or itch, take it checked right away.

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