Worried more or less first time?

I am just worried that he is gonna be to big. Is that possible?
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first off i could not help but make out you said ''my age''. well if your young im going to tell you what i enjoy seen over the years in high conservatory. it is common for the girl to realize she is not love with him later down the road. or he is not within love with her; then when she has sex beside someone she does love. she compares them to the first person how did not care for them, or someone they did not care for.

later if you do have sex and your not in love then your going to be controlling of the girls who waited. also having sex is like looking through someone, you don't want to see through the wrong party. it is not a game!

dont let people trick you most young girls who say they have have sex have really not.those who have normally preserve it to themselves they know how deep of a feeling it is. so if your friends are saying they enjoy done it, pressuring you to be in the clique. odds are they have not!

intuitively i believe in the rule no sex till you can financially support a kid. no one applies tot hat rule thou. i do! okay ask you self this has he been with you long plenty to appreciate your virginity? what does he give you what no other guy can give you?

im 18 im not sexually active i do know thou your body produces lubrication when excited. so im going to enjoy to say have the guy romance you; girls get turned on not lately by touching but environment. so maybe have him cook dinner dance after have roses, candles.

kiss allot before intercourse, make sure your turned on. newly keep kissing till you are. touching, make sure he knows it is your first time not to be to rough.

if your panicky you don't sound ready. when your ready beside the right guy, you feel secure.

remember once you have sex you cant be in motion back to holding hands!
use a condom
Sam Foreplay is your friend. the longer you have forplay between the two of you the better prepaired your whooha will be to pinch him. Lube and slow patents is the key he just cant conserve it in but go slowly and there desires to be lots of lubrication between the both of you you may want to buy some KY or some type of condom safe personal lubicant at the store.

if you dont want to than dont do it no means no

If you're very worried or unsure then don't do it (no pun intended).

No one can force you.

If he loves you he'll skulk and if he doesn't love why are even thinking of doing it with him?
the best thing to do is relax as this relaxes your vagina making sex more comfortable. purely take it slowly, and if it make you feel better use lubrication. simply explain to him how you feel, im sure he's as nervous as you and wants to produce sure you enjoy it. take it slowly, and if you want to stop, stop.
i hope this is helpful and you savour your first time.
Condom + cucumber = interesting night
i just recently had my first time as ably. DONT DO IT UNLESS YOUR READY. we did it. we used spercidicidal ultra ribed freaking condom that didnt slip or break. he didnt even finish. but guess what? i might be pregnant. im 14. dont do it. please. this whole situation for me is ridiculous. i cant even buy a goddamn pregnacy test. lmao. email me if you have any question. amysmith00000(a)yahoo.com Source(s): PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. AND YES IT DOES HURT, ALOT.
just relax. it'll probably hurt at first, but then it starts to feel great.
Use a condom and a birth control pill so you don't become impregnated. And don't worry it's gonna perceive good for you and him. Lol make sure you don't stain anything and most of all hold fun and enjoy.
make sure to use lube it wont hurt as bad and will slide contained by and out easier. it will still hurt at first but after a lil while it will get better
It shouldn't hurt... that kinda defeats the purpose. Talk to a gynecologist.
Well i lost my virginity to my boyfriend when i was 15 and we be already together for a year. He was average sized maybe a little over and it didn't really hurt at adjectives. I think the reasons for this were that i have used tampons a lot (sounds weird i know) and also we went to second remnant my way a lot. Source(s): My experience
hun your ill-equipped for it, just wait till you are ready.
If he loves you he will realize.
Just try to relax. It'll hurt going in if you're not relaxed, but once its in its ok. Make sure you are wet plenty or it'll be uncomfortable. If you are not ready to do it theres kinda no point, but if you are, just jump for it.
Don't expect it to be good, believe me... First time is never good, especially for girls. You'll probably be wondering what all the fuss be about! I think it takes closely of practice before it starts to get good. But anyway, don't forget to use protection, and enjoy fun!
Warm up. If you know what I indicate.

Other than that, you are royally boned. (No pun intended)
Okay, this is what I did.
But for you, since you want to do it tonight, it might be out of the question.
When I be ready to lose my virginity, me and my boyfriend would fool around every night.
And every night he would place his penis in recent times inside of me and press a little bit.
Every night he'd go freshly a little deeper.
This is good because one: it didnt cause tear, like most girls go through their first time. and two: it doesnt hurt as bad.
I know it sounds a headache, but TRUST me, its def worth it.
Im sure you've heard about girls being "lose" down in that..
Losing their virginity to a guy thats too big, is sometimes the reason.
Cause once you've been torn, your vagina will never be the same.

I've have sex A LOT with my bf, and even tho he has a big penis, due to the way I lost my virginity I still enjoy a tight vag.
Like..tight enough that sometimes I cant even get a tampon in...

So, thats basically my side to this.

Hope tonight goes well:]
Good luck.

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