When will i bring my spell? A guess is fine?

im 13, an eighth grader and um i hav public hair but not like CRAZY public hair ive have it for about.. 5 months now? ive had discharge for i imagine a year now. I BARELY started getting armpit hair so u can barely see it and my boobs are not that big?? Ya ya i kno everyone get their periods at different times but i jus want a guess or when u think i'll start my period. Oh and my mom started when she wuz 14 if that help. Any signs u personally went thru before u started would be great also. THANKS SO MUCHO IN ADVANCE:)
when your boobs start growing, afterwards the period follows. some girls get it later contained by high school. mine was at the back of 7th grade.
usualy the simptoms are a little longer then what you own had before you get your interval but since your mom got hers when she was 14 you will probably get yours contained by the this year. people always think that they will capture theres the same time there mom does but it is mostly the year before, that is to say what happened to me.
i got armpit hair surrounded by 5th grade and i got my period within 6th so if that helps any lol.

well i hope that made some sense and i hope i helped :)
you'll most feasible get it when your early to mid 14 mostly because getting your period is gentic and usually girls discharge for 2 years in the past they get it so you have time. and i had similar to the same exact position.
I have a mate that is 15 and hasnt have hers - no need to worry at all even so.

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