Girls please help out.........?

My breasts hurt when i like press hard on them. My mom says that its because boobs are really sensitive. Is it because of that?
They all hurt when their pressed on, well most population i knoww.
your boobs can be very sensitive and it depends on how big they are too, dont worry if they hurt by applying pressure, but if they hurt adjectives the time and you find a lump then go to the doctor because you may have breast cancer, but dont verbs it doesnt sound like you do :)
i think they are just growing.
Normal unless pregnent
yeah, your fine. nothings wrong. why are you pressing your boobs hard anyway?
It could be, if you don't have any other symptoms of pregnancy.
It's completely middle-of-the-road. Are you getting your period anytime soon? If so, then they will be extra sensitive. Same if you're pregnant, but I'm assuming that's not the case.

But yes, if you press on them it's going to hurt. If they didn't later I'd worry that you have nerve issues preventing you from notion anything.

If they begin to ache and bother you, just lift an Advil and ice them.
it in recent times means they are growing and that they are sensitve dont worry about a article
Yes. Breasts are made of very sensitive tissues. If you press intricate, i'd be more worried if it didn't hurt. You're normal.

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