Girls Opinions please.. Better sex short condoms?

just wondering :)
This is true, it does feel better but there are stupid consequences.
Sex feels sooo much better without a condom. Me and my boyfriend hold had sex without a condom multiple times and he's pulled out before he ejaculate... BUT we were paranoid after everytime we had sex without one. So try getting the realadjectivesthin condoms. And the extra lubricated. It feels good for you and him. That style you won't be so freaked out as to why you started your period two days late. Lol.
I think its way better notion without condoms..
Feels better, for sure. But I don't resembling the 18-year-long consequences. (Though if we use lubrication, than condoms are not THAT bad).
yea it does. but u also have 2 remember that there's a common sense y condoms r on the market. condoms protect you against STDS and unplanned pregnancy even if he doesn't finish in you seamen have sperm surrounded by it so u still could get pregnant i don't think its worth it unless you are on some kind of birth control and want a kid.
acquire ultra thin condoms. it feels good.
I think that it is better beside a condom. Thats just me

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