Tampon oblige please!!? (GIRLS ONLY) 2?

hi again me umm i was wondering for all the girls who had near period at 11 how many days weeks months or years did u use pads until tampons?
i got my period at thirteen and started using tampons indistinguishable year because of sports and summer swimming. there isn't a set-in-stone time where you can use a tampon. it all depends on whether you are familiarized with your period and your maturity plus the circumstances

also you obligation a heavy flow to regulate a tampon
When I first got my period I used pads for 6-7 months afterwards onces I got more comfortable with my period and I hidden my body more I gained enough confidence to start using tampons. I reccomend tampax pearl because they are easy to insert and they are vastly slim. You must remember you can only wear tampons for a max of 8 hours or no more because you can develop toxic shock syndrome
--> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toxic_shock…

Talk to a close woman relative or a parent who you trust and they can give you the best advice :)

Also you can be a virgin and wear tampons. Some brands variety slimmer designs for smaller girls. Playtex makes SlimFits for petite girls or younger girls. The applicator is slimmer and so is the tampon.
Um, I got my period at 12;
but.. I'm 13, now..
I can't wear them.
They hurt WAY too much
I ruminate you should wait until your ..older
I don't get it, how do some culture wear them if
your not a virgin. :\

good luck.
If you are only 11 or somewhat that age, you should use pads until 14 or 15 and than you should wear tampons at the age of 14 or 15. It depends on your parents too. Tampons are more for elder people. Little kids don't use tampons because they can put it on wrong and something bad may happen to them. Also pad are easier for smaller children to use too.
if you put in a tampon and nick it out incorrectly you could end up with no genitals
when I started my period I only wore pad for a little bit of time then I went straight into tampons they r so much more comfortable and dont smell or touch like a diaper.
and u can swim with them in
trust me u will deff be glad that u used them
Hey I have mine at 11, I'm 13 now. I still can't use a tampon. It feels uncomfortable to me for insertion, so I stick to pad.

You should probably stay with them too until you really need to change when you're elder (:
I used pads until my mid teens or so. The discomfort deterred me big time from wanting to use them! I'd maybe wait a few years, after go ahead and try out tampons. They really are more convenient.
I get my period when I was 11.
I started using tampons when I was 18.
When I be 30 I started using a menstrual cup.

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