What did women do thousands of years ago when they be on their interval?

How did they handle it?
I know that in some tribes which are still around today the woman are banished from the camp for their cycle. Not completely but they own to walk behind the huts and not sit with the others. They do totter around with only a few pieces of clothing on anyway so i assume this is the most hygienic way to operate with it.

Interesting question though, i've always wondered what they did.
well i did a project on it for vigour class a few years ago,
(we didnt choose our own topics, obviously)
but women were sent out of villages and tribes because the were thought to be "dirty" durning that time.
the tampon be also invented by the eqyptians and was made out of wax and wool if i remember correctly.
Women in the Victorian Times used old rag to soak up their period.
Women in Africa (the poor parts) are made squat over a bucket until their period is finished and denied their rights to turn to school etc because they have it-- ridiculous.
Probably used cloths made out of you know animal skins.. they probably have a special cloth to wipe it up so it doesn't get on their regular clothes or whatever. I bet it was pretty frustrating and difficult especialadjectivesif they didn't know what it was. They probably thought they were severely sick or something and were around to die.

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