Im Scared of my own length?

ever since i was very little i've had a fearfulness of blood and i got my first period 2 months ago it only last three days.It didn't come last month & it now came closing night again for the second time I put on a pad and everything was fine until i woke up within the morning and the flow was really heavy I passed out on the bathroom floor since im afraid of blood i got up and run to my bed cause i was going to faint again i have really bad period pains for about partially an hour my whole body was boiling im still in bed sick.
Does anyone know a bearing i can rid my fear of blood?& will this happen to me every month im on?Im scared it might come to pass at school!
Hey, that was me when i first got my interval, felt all giddy, dreaded going to the toilet etc. . . I actually found using tampons better can't see the blood after and i think it eased the cramping pains.

Also i thought there be a tonne of blood, but it is only about 3TBSP.
That made me feel better, hope this help and it does get better the more times you have it . . i promise : ) Source(s): (
Oh don't worry, I'm afraid of blood too! It be really hard to deal with the first time I get my period, but it will eventually get easier. If it bothers you abundantly, just try not to look at it, or tell your mom or someone you trust about your situation. Good luck, it will achieve easier!

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