GP can't find strings for copper coil removal?

i've been to my gp to have my coil removed and he said he that normally it is a terrifically straight forward quick procedure but that he could not see the strings as they were cut too short. he suggested i go wager on when i am coming to the end of my next period as they may know how to see them then otherwise i need to go for a scan to see where on earth they are. i had cancer a couple of years ago and have been waiting for this moment to try for a newborn and am distraught that something which is supposed to be simple has ended up like this - if he can't find them very soon what are the chances in a week or so - why can't i go to the hospital presently instead of dragging this agnosing wait out any longer??!
Worst crust scenario, he has to dilate your cervix. Not really a big deal, they did that to put it in. There isn't realadjectivesanywhere to get lost in a uterus. Though, most doctors I've dealt near don't advise for an IUD until after childbirth... If your GP is unable to locate them, ask for a referral to an OB-GYN, though understand that in attendance may be a wait time to see a specialist. It's not like you're going to be able to bring pregnant the minute you have it out, anyway. You should wait one full menstrual cycle before trying to conceive. I know it is frustrating wanting to start a familial and being unable to, but use this downtime to take fastidiousness of yourself and get your body ready for a baby. Take your prenatal vitamins, guzzle healthy (avocados are high in folic bitter, which your baby will need), and get fit. If you smoke or drink now is a correct time to quit. When the time comes and you do get pregnant, you will know that your baby is a precious blessing and worth the wait. Best of luck, and congratulations on wanting to start your kith and kin.

Edit: The only reason I suggested the referral was that my GP refuse to deal with IUDs unless you've given birth and sends her clients to an ob-gyn. Your GP is reasonable and made a credible request.
Your uterus changes position during your cycle, and it's remarkably likely that the wires will come back into view by themselves. That's why your doctor said that.
I am afraid your GP is right,it is reasonable to wait as the threads may come into view solving the problem. Next step is a scan to confirm that the coil is still there before anyone pokes about looking for it. If have fallen out,problem solved,if not,there is a simple tool designed for exactly this purpose that can be used surrounded by a GP surgery and does not need referral.… Source(s): GP for more years than I care to remember

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