Yellow discharge down near girls individual?

iv been getting a yellow discharge from yesturday, i told my mom and she said its not natural, it may be a infection.. plz assistance im 12, 13 in september, didnt start my period, started puberty ( and the discharge smells bad
Your mom is probably right if it's yellow and it smell then yeah it probably is an infection you should jump to the doctor and get checked
It's possible that's it's an infection, but it's also possible that it's a sign of your spell. I remember I started having some discharge shortly before my very first interval (on my 13th birthday). It went from yellow to brown, and that was how I know I had started. I hope that's the same issue with you and that it's not something worse! Source(s): personal experience
That is a sign of you starting your spell.
Well if you told your mom she should have brought you to the doctor. So if you haven't already made an appointment, describe your mom you want to go to the doctor and see what it is.
you almost to start and you om may not even know that can happen becuse evey girl/woman are diffrent when they start but if it gets really bad you my hold an infection make sure you eat yougurt due to the fact you ph symmetry will go crazy which can cause infection
This is not a sign of ur period starting go see a docter asap. Hope everything works out.
ok first, do you surface any kind of irritation? if you are itching or feel a burning or if it hurts to pee, you might have a yeast infection. but dont nouns! yeast infections are perfectly normal. you can get them by wearing jeans that are too tight, if you wear aromatic pads, or even if youre nearing your period. if you go into a pharmacy similar to ride aid or cvs, they actually have tests for detecting a yeast infection. if you DO enjoy a yeast infect, you can just leave it alone and it should be gone in something like a week but if the itch is really bad, i reccomend VAGISIL. you can get that at a pharmacy too. you just squeeze some on your finger and spread it on the OUTSIDE skin "down there".
anyway, if its NOT a yeast infection, you are probably only just ovulating. dont worry because thats normal. once you hit puberty, a girl will ovulate for the rest of her life previously and after she starts her period. it can be clear, whitish AND yellow too. sometimes it can be gooey, chunky or just plain WET. its ordinary for it to smell a little funky. the female body is pretty weird and gross isnt it? but it can also be a delicate thing. im going to be 16 in october and ive already gone through this stuff (and still going through it)
anyway, chances are its in recent times ovulation which is perfectly normal. youre almost 13 so its about time anyway. if it get your panties dirty, you can wear pantie-liners. theyre just like pads for your interval except a lot thinner. you can get them at pharmacies too. anyway, good luck and dont stress it!
It's natural. The only time it isn't is when it itches, turns green or smells like fish (you may not approaching the smell of your natural discharge, but that doesn't make it bad). You probably don't have an infection if there's no itching, but it doesn't hurt to see the doctor.

Almost every girl and every mother wonders when this event will lift place. Some teenagers/preteens may find it to be an exciting, frightening, intriguing, and/or a drudging time.

A period can look like many things to tons different people. It can show up as one red dot, a long stringy cord of blood, mixed with creamy white discharge and swirls of different colored cords, a blob (clot) that can be the size of a pea and big as kiwi (fruit).

The colors can very from impressively bright red which is fresh shedding from your uterus filled with blood and tissue, as the days progress the color can or will start to turn darker & dark, burgundy, brown, and then even black. As blood & scent ages, the color gets darker and the scent can be no scent, a wobbly odour, to a much more intense & noticeable sour smell.

The period itself can last a few hours up to 7-10 days. Everyone is different and will hold their own routine and schedule. Along with the period, is uterine contractions, cramps. They can be mildly unnoticeable to bedridden discomfort.

How Can I Prepare For My Period To Come?

First, direct your first period kit from Kotex at the following link:…

Then you want to print stale a blank calendar for the next few months. You can decorate the calendar so it's not so boring or so it blends into your room, binder, or notebook.

What Do I Record on the Calendar?

You will want to create a legend of symbols to represent a mixture of symptoms that will arise as your body matures and prepares for your period. I usually use colors and three simple symbols ~ circle, square, and triangle.

What Changes Should I Expect?

Emotions ~ Anger, Bawling, Irritable, Mellow, Rage, Sadness, Screaming, Weepy

Physical ~ Larger, Heavier, Taller, Hair Growth in Underarms & Pubic Area, Abdominal & Intestinal Cramps, White Creamy Discharge, Spotting, Mixed Discharge beside White/Red Cords/Stringy, Tender Breasts (hurt, irritated, or itchy), Uterine Discharge for Monthly Cycle.

Psychological ~ Self Image, Relationships With Others, Moods, Sexuality and Future Outlook both Emotional & Relational

Each time my daughter had an emotional outburst we recorded a coloured circle on the calendar. These mental state included anger, rage, & screaming as a red circle, bawling, crying, tearing, & weeping as a blue circle, and impatientience, irritability, sarcastic & disagree qualifications as a green circle. They are all symptoms of your hormones and will affect all your relationships and social groups.

The rest of the answer is on another site because there isn't ample room.

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