How to prevent from leak out and staining my trousers?

Whenever it gets heavy, it just leak out from the pad and stains my pants. How can I stop this? Thanks.
Change your pad every hour or 2 instead of every 4.
Experiment next to different types and brands of pads. They make extra long ones and ones with wing to prevent leaks. If you wear tampons, wear a tampon with a pad. If not, newly change your pad more often and wear brown colored pants and underwear when you have your period contained by case you do leak. If you don't have cloudy pants then always get a sweatshirt when you have your period in baggage you need to tie it around your waist.
gross him pull out instead of going inside.
First, change your pad to the deeply large & absorbent brand. Then, make sure you renovate it every two hours, wear one all the time during the menstrual cycle.
Are tampons not an option? If not, just fold up some toilet thesis and push it right up against yourself, over the pad. Toilet paper is more absorbent than pad, and quicker to change out. It will keep your pad cleaner, so no spill overs. Just regulation the toilet paper every time you use the bathroom. It also allows for more air flow, so you'll be a little bit more comfortable. Especially adjectives in hot weather.
Wear a tampon and a pad and money them more regularly...
Maybe your the heavy bleeder type. I suggest you use the big sized pad and change them every 2 hours. This should help.

One good extra tip is to wear tight undies where on earth it hold the pad in place and prevents it from moving about.

Good luck =}
get bigger absorbency.. change every hour..
yes get some heavier pads, the ones with the flexi wing on them and make sure you have a sanitary wipes next to you and some extra pads

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