Is it risky to use tampons on a regular spring?

My mom told me that using tampons on a regular basis would give me yeast and other infections. Is this true? I use Playtex Regular Gentle Glide Unscented with Plastic Applicator.
You just enjoy to be a clean girl.
Dont leave them in too long.;…
The cases of TSS have decreased since the 80s as tampons have become better. They are not dangerous to use every period as long as you change them every 4-6 hours. I wouldn't recommend waiting the 8 hours. If your period is really, really feathery, I wouldn't even bother wearing a light tampon, just a liner. This way you lower the risks of getting an infection approaching a yeast or bacterial. Hope this helps.
you enjoy to change them regularly, and dont use them when you arent on your period. if you dont you could get toxic shock syndrome, which can wipe out you. its ok to use tampons everytime you have your period, as long as you change them.
No I don't think they will give you yeast infections. Just like everyone else said metamorphose them regularly. Also I wouldn't go to sleep with one in I imagine 8 hours is too long to leave it in, so just use a wad at night but wash as soon as you get up.
No it isn't dicey, just don't let the tampons stew in within. Make sure you change them every 4-5 hours. If you keep them in too long you'll be at risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome, a bacterial infection which can massacre you.
Use them when indispensable.

If not careful you can grasp TSS or a harsh infection. Source(s): Nurse Practitioner
its unsafe and unnecessary when you use it and don't have your period
I've be using them for years with no infections.You have to change it regularly.problems beside tampons are generally for those that leave them in too long
it is safe to use tampons during every period from start to end. they will not harm you unless you have a response to them (which you would already know about it you have used them before). they will not give you truth, they may help keep infection away by keeping you more dry 'down there'. just don't use them when you don't stipulation them!
You'll be fine as long as you don't leave them within too long, which can result in Toxic Shock Syndrome.

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