Gross give somebody the third degree but drastically defining to me.?

Sunday night I started to feel cramps. I knew I would start my spell soon but usually the day before I start my period y cramps are desk light....then the second and third day I get the horrible cramps.

this time the light of day before (sunday) I started to get very impossible cramps. I put on a pad, took some medicine and fell asleep.

the next morning I get up and there was blood all over the place. i feel super week. I was very pale. I also have extremely bad cramps. I thought if i took medicine it would get better but nil worked. I clean the mess and changed pads but i kept bleeding A LOT. I was super white and very weak.

sometimes my periods are unwieldy but this time it was beyond heavy. I was super insipid and pale of all the bleeding. I was chaging pad like every 15min or less.

around 7PM it went support to normal but by this time I was so out of it. I even fainted of how puny i was. I took medicine and ate to fell asleep.

this morning Im tired and I have a herald ache but Im feeling bettter and my period is regular.

what could own caused my period to do this? is it dangers to run through this? has this happen to you or anyone u know before? is it everyday for a girl to go through this?

by the way a doctor did come and see me. gave me drug and a shot but can't remember much since i was so out of it.

my mom it the one who was there taking vigilance of me but she freaked out too cause this has never happened to me.
There could be something as simple as an ovarian cyst or uterine fibroid cause you to bleed that badly, or a condition called dysmennorhea. Forgive me for implying it, but if you are sexually stirring, it may be possible it could have been a miscarriage.

There are heavy period and then there are serious issues, and the fact that you bled so in the blink of an eye and so painfully to the point of weakness and fainting is manifestly a cause for concern. I'd get yourself in to see a gynecologist as soon as possible. He/she can rule out problems near blood tests and ultrasounds, in addition to a pelvic exam, and minister to you get to the bottom of this.

In the meantime, make sure you keep your strength up, especialadjectivesif you get your period, by eating a forceful diet and choosing foods that have a high iron content to prevent anemia from the heavy bleeding.
I would look in a doctor! Good Luck!

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