Ok.. put somebody through the mill more or less girls or 'kids' bras and measurments?

Ok so i went onto this website to try and work out my bra size as i dont really want to do it in a shop, im slightly embarassed. It said measure lower than your chest (i am 25'') and take the measurment and add 5 onto it. That makes me 30''. Then it said Measure the full chunk of your breast (28'') and now subtract 30'' from 28'' (sorry this is kinda confusing) and im left with 2'' and 2'' = a size A.
The bra i'm wearing very soon is a 30AA and it's sightly big, should i change to an even bigger size like it said? Has it got it wrong or something? Help!!?
I believe that somehow the way to measure get lost in translation. Thebest way I would think is to run to a bra shop. They can measure you in private and help you the best. Or run to the store and grab different bra sizes and try each one on.
Where is it big? The number relates to how big the strap around your chest is, while the letters are the cup size. If it fits fine around your chest, but is too roomy for your breasts, then just hold it, you'll grow into it. If it's too lose around your ribcage, you may need to try a 28.
Just go to a shop!
They see boobs all day they won't remember who have big boobs or who had small boobs.
They are boob experts!
Different manufacturers tend to enjoy slightly different sizes. Just go into a Victoria's Secret and have them measure you. Don't be embarassed, they see boobs adjectives the time. So it can be accurate.
if the 30AA is rather big then why would you bigger? lol that wouldn't make sense . Don't always listen to those breadth things everyone's body isn't the same, try on sizes and see what fits you best. Since you can't really go no lower then a 30AA , i would speak stick with that until you grow a little more then a short time ago try going up a size

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