A strange virus thingy?

So i always have pretty bad allergies. okay so yesterday i started coughing and have alot of mucus in my throat. today was basically impossible to tell apart thing except that when i sneezed just once it felt close to a huge sneeze. besides clearing my throat, coughing, and watery eyes im fine. is this a cold thing or allergies cause i thought when u hold heavy sneezes ur sick?sorry i just dont wanna get sick formerly university
I have never sneezed because of a cold but I have because of allergies. If you take a benadryl or allertin (or other OTC antihistamine) and your symptoms lessen, next it is due to allergies. If you have a cold you will have a fever, chills, possible headache, sore throat, muscle soreness, and possibly coloured mucous. Watery eyes and sneezing is related to allergies. Your eyes won't itch if you enjoy a cold.
Take a cool shower and a Clairitin.
take airborne. that stuff really works of you think you are getting a cold

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