Why should woman own the choice of taking the HPV shot? or why shouldn't they?


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The vaccine should NOT be mandatory.

I'd never get it if I were within the age range.


That link is why.

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u pretty much just get hpv though needles and sex, so most people wont take it if they avoid that kinda stuff, people can have allegic reaction to shots, and die from it, so we should deffinatly have a choice of what is put into our bodies! if we didnt have a choice, that'd b close to murder for no raeson, just nasty and wrong! how would u similar to some 1 giving u a shot that made u feel bad? my mom get arrested for nothing walking down the street, she got taking to the mental institute for nought and was shot up with stuff so she couldnt communicate or move, this is crazy, now her job to take piad is to take a medication that gives her terribly bad side effects, and i kno its real, ive tested my self(bad model!) so just listen plz, they gave her a nemonia vaceen, and she almost died from it, for a year she could just breath and was in the hospital everyday! it be a big mess!

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u should have the choice because its ur body that they are putting that crap in...if women werent sleeping around near alot of partners then whats the point of getting that vaccine if adjectives women only had 1 partner approaching it sopposed to be then there wouldnt be such a terrify for this vaccine.it sucks dont get it...it put me in the er for 2 barrier days!

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