Why does Endometriosis end in fatigue?

I know that one of the symptoms of Endometriosis is fatigue, but why? I have Endometriosis and I am so tired all of the time. It is complex to make my husband understand this. I guess it is complicated to make him understand it when I don't comparatively understand it myself.

Why does my pelvic nouns hurt?

Fatigue is a major symptom of endometriosis. The constant cramp and discomfort combined with the bodies fight to rid itself of the trapped menstrual fluid does bring extreme exhaustion. As the endometrial tissue grows and expands in the abdominal cavity it cause greater and greater fatigue. Women who suffer from endometriosis also run a greater chance of getting chronic fatigue syndrome.

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I think it's probably the constant aching and low level inflammation. It's draining. I had endo for years short realising what it was, and it was one and only after surgery when the pain was gone, that I realised how desperate it had been. I'd lately got used to it.

I entail relieve, what basically happend?

I have it too! and men of late don't get it, My man Tries to understand - but ya it DEFINITELY does motivation Fatigue and pain - and mood swings - tell him to settlement with it :)

or at least try to be supportive :)

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