WHY does cervical cancer effect irregular bleeding?

Why does cervical cancer cause post-coital bleeding, or even irregular bleeding at all? What is it that in reality cause the irregular bleeding? Is the bleeding that is associated near cervical cancer usually bright red? Thanks

Answers:    The bleeding is bright red, because it's fresh blood, directly from your veins. This is different from menstrual bleeding, which consists of old, decaying uterine pool liner, so is dark and clotted. It's caused because the cancerous cut of your cervix is irritated and fragile, so it is easily aggravated. Normal, healthy tissue stretches and can move. But diseased, canceorus tissue doesn't do that, but is a much more muddled mass of material. Also, cancerous material is growing and creating unusual blood vessels to support its growth, so it is very rich contained by blood vessels.

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