Why do my boobs hurt so desperate???

I'm young and I'm not stupid. I've never had sex since so I'm not pregnant.

I don't know why they hurt so bad!! I haven't had my length since school let out. Could that be contributing to the sore breasts?

Also, I not long took up tennis. I was never really athletic before but, I'm not a robust girl either, only 100 lbs, but I'm not flat chested any. Since I took up tennis, my left breast seems to own gotten bigger, which baffles me since I'm right handed.

I've asked my mom what to do and she keep tightening the straps on my bra, but that only makes things worse. Whenever I lift my arms or even my shoulders, the under-wire would slip up onto my boob and hurt like heck!!

I wear a sports bra over top my normal bra to practices very soon, but things still aren't helping. It hurts so bad sometimes I just want to cry, but when I detail my mom this she just laughs.

I don't know what to do!! Also, any tips on how to exercise my right breast a little more so it'll steep in more and be more the same size as the moved out one? I'm not really into stuffing or "chicken" whatevers..

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Answers:    It sounds like your mom is right !

your taking up a new sport that your body have
to adapt to there is different body movements
that run with playing tennis

I dont think your bra or boobs hold anything
to do with it.

if its in your nipples it could be glands
which newly goes with growing

Im a dude and I have sore glands in my nipples
when I was growing up it be sore but not a

You could as you say just be have a growth spurt

There are many glands in your breast that are probably
not fully formed all the same

I think there are between 25 and 30 glands per breast
and they form a shape that looks similar to a grapevine
respectively gland prepares milk for childbirth and has ducts that
lead to the nipple .

These glands are still forming and you may get the impression discomfort at times

(I take it its not sore all the time lately on occasion)

If you want to relieve the pain gently mould the area
and work out any knots (a interweave is a little collection of
blood bundled up from stress if your massaging it it
should have a feeling a tiny piece of rice)

just massage the confuse out till you feel better
you could use some massage oil to get to it better

hope this helps
Sounds close to your just growing. Or possibly your bra is too small. Get your mum or a helper from a store to determine you to check you are wearing the right bra.

Also take your bra off at darkness. I'm not really sure why but thats what my mum always told me!!.
All i can tell you is that tennis have nothing to do with it. I hold been playing tennis for a long time and I have never experienced anything approaching that. You should probaly go to the doctor. they are probably just growing you will draw from bigger ones soon! :).
your boobs are just growing..

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