Why do i own this whitish mucus within my undies? Girls simply!

Does this have something to do with me getting prepared to have a period-btw i have not have mine yet-should i do something about it?

Answers:    This discharge is normal and this is because the glands inside your vagina and cervix trademark small amounts of fluid. This fluid flows out of the vagina each day, carrying out antediluvian cells that have furrowed the vagina. This is your body's way of keeping your vagina healthy and verbs. The discharge is usually clear or milky and doesn't smell bad.

The color and thickness of the discharge modification with your monthly cycle, especially once you have started you length. The discharge that you are having is probably an indicator that you will start your period contained by the next few months as this usually happens during puberty. The discharge is also thicker when a woman ovulates (when one of your ovaries releases an egg), when a woman is breastfeeding or when a woman is sexually excited.

Changes that may signal a problem include an increase contained by the amount of discharge, a change in the color or smell of the discharge, and irritation, itchiness or burning within or around your vagina. This is called vaginitis. A discharge that's stained with blood when you're not have your period could also be a sign of a problem. Some other types of infections such as yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis can also cause discharge to be exact usually accompanied by odor such as beer/yeast/fish.

I would recommend that if you have any of these signs or any concerns on the subject of this you consult with your Mom and get her to consult beside a doctor for a proper diagnosis and for proper treatment should you have anything other than merely a normal vaginal discharge.

Good luck :)

yes this can be a precursor to getting your period. or it could connote you are turned on (by anything, even if you aren't sexually active) and your body is preparing you for sex...
But this happens to every girl so don't be scared. UNless it have a weird smell or consistency there's no need to verbs.If it does, you might want to go to your doctor because you may have an infection yeah that's basically normal mucus that comes out when your about to start your term. I get that to all the time. I still haven't started but abs I'm 14. When this starts your period could be up to a few weeks up to a year from starting. Every girl gets it, it's the vagina cleaning itself. Your growing up greeting to womanhood.

Hope I helped.
don't worry everyone get it. it is getting you ready for ur period. u can ask a gp if ur really unsure.but i regard its jus part of growing up. yeast infection possibly. you can get an otc to backing that. Also it may be a good idea to an ob gyn to be on the safe and sound side.
Hm. Talk to your mom.
Btw, it probably is your period beginning soon, so be in motion buy a couple pantyliners and pads. Good luck.

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