Why do i look resembling this?

I'm 15 and 8stone 12 and 5ft4
I'm not overweight but i carry fat on my stomach really weirdly. I enjoy seen many overweight associates and none look like me. i think I'm the just one in the world with it,
http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=6pxdhu&s... is what i look close to with clothes on you cant really tell i hope..
http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=nxtmhg&s... this is what i look similar to in my underwear its really horrible i look obese or something. Although i doubt it does anyone else look like me : (
And do i stipulation help; is there a workout i can do to remove it?
Thank you please dont be obnoxious.

Answers:    Hey there, i'm 20 years old and i consider my self to be pretty average size, but i pass most of my weight in my stomach in recent times like you. It seemed almost impossible to lose the bulk but I started a routine recently and I already feel better something like myself.
I found that without some sort of cardio, losing weight sour my stomach is nearly impossible. I started off just swiftly walking for about 20 - 30 min a day to take myself in shape enough to run, and then started to mix in some jog with my walking. . No matter what your inheritance, if you make an effort to do some sort of cardio, and push your self, you will see results. Fast results ? NO, i desire lol. But results, sure enough.
I dont like the word "diet" because it seem so temporary, but i suggest really eating contained by moderation. when u load ur plate up full, look at it and say to yourself, do i really call for that much to be full ?
most of the time, no. Eat slower, and give yourself time to feel full back eating more.
Cutting some bad calories and starting a cardio routine should def. minister to you on your way to losing some tummy fat. once you've get a solid cardio routine down, throw in some actual stomach exercises that will help you bring back results even faster.
dont give up, you are not alone !!
you are apple shaped (like me).

basically it manner that when you gain weight, you gain most of it on your upper body. Thats your arms, breasts, waist and most significantly your tummy.

The only means of access to lose weight on your belly is to lose weight overall - but to be honest, i dont guess you really need to, your height and shipment sound perfectly adequate to me .
this is normal and what happens if you don't exercise.
can i recommend that you devour 3 small meals a day, first and foremost salad and fish etc. if you got a tread mill, use that.
best of all do situpss and travel bike riding but if you want to work all your muscles, go swimming as its a particular fact that you use a lot of muscles swimming.

you'ree a childlike lady and you should easily lose that excess.which is not much.

apt luck..
dont think your that bad i own def seen worse!!

stomach crunches usually help and try to do cardio workouts as within exercises which raise heart rate and then burn curvy - will burn fat all over not a short time ago stomach. try to do joggin for 40 mins 3 times a week if u can

yep do have to agree with 1st soul ur not obese ur making actual obese people sound approaching they should be on another planet!.
Because you're normal? You have a nice womanly integer and some men even like a rounded stomach, but if you want one as flat as a board just do sit ups. Some women enjoy more curvy figures because their body produces more oestrogen and some men like it because it shows they're fertile. For faithfulness sake, you are not obese! If you want to tone up, just do some sit ups. Cut out any fast food and chocolate. Don't dance on any diets, just eat capably with plenty of fruit. You are only 15 years outdated, your body is still changing. .
my friend nancy has matching pooch...don't worry about it, it doesn't look desperate...she's been working out so much and realized she can't loose it...girl you are made the style you are so live it up and get over it...there are those out there that are far worse Trust. Hmm I don't know what to tell you.
You know, other later working out just a little a sunshine.
You don't look that day.
Besides that I would say do some stomic exercises to generate it go away.
you lokk like it cos u be born like it its genetics u cant revise it so get over it

and your not obeese so quit insulting obese people everywhere

you hold nice skin so focus on the positives.
ehw mankey maaan. lol nah its not too bad, i wouldnt worry more or less it, as you get older I don`t know you will grow taller and it will stretch out that way.

its just whats call puppy fat your lose it as you grow by the way you enjoy a nice figure now anyway ok.. it could be puppy lubricant - i used to have the same problem but theres nil else i could do except wait.
Eww thats weird u come across a healthy weight but surrounded by ur underwear u look kinda heavy maybe its jlust puppyfat! x hey honey, One entry I will say is you're female and believe me females are supposed to convey weight on their stomachs. It's the way we're built! I'm what most folks would call super skinny but I have a podge too.
The one and only thing that will shift it, is sit ups. And you need to do two types. The first type is central crunches, put your feet under the sofa, hold your back straight! (v. important!) and do three sets of ten per sunshine.
The second type is harder, but build up to the same number of reps as the crunches. Sit on a chair and obtain a friend or family member to hold your legs while you're sit on the chair. Do sit ups, but go as far down to the floor as possible. It is frozen to do, and I'd recommend getting a guy to hold your legs for safety reasons, but you should see crucial results within four to six weeks. Good luck and don't stress too much about it. xxxx

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