Why can't you swim while...?

you are on your period? Are there any ways to swim while you are on your period?

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Answers:    You can swim when you enjoy your period. Did someone tell you that you couldn't? There's nothing that you can't do while you're on your time. Period!

However, you would not want to wear a maxi pad in your swimsuit while swimming. That would get adjectives wet and be gross. You would need to use a tampon instead.
Sometimes younger girls aren't comfortable using tampons for a while after they start their periods for the first time, and they individual use pads. In that case, they wouldn't swim while on their periods. Maybe that's why you thought it wasn't okay.

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Its a press of health. Many STD's are transmitted by blood. while they stand little chance of living long in pool sea. What would you think about swimming in a pool that boys be pumping semen into.

Well. The same is true blood or pee. Still Pee is actually sterile and many young society pee in pools. When they get older they amount it out but if you see youngsters... Well.. You are swimming in their pee. We all know it but who cares. Fish pee within the water too.

Where I lived it was against the law for women to swim within the river during the summer month. ( The reason : ?? )

Piranha are attracted to blood and there would be no chance to receive away if the detected a woman in her period. Keep in mind that sharks and other fish can detect one drop of blood from several hundred foot if the current takes it past them.

Its like detecting a 1.5 volt freestyle from 20 miles ! So the next time you enter water there may be other reason for you to reconsider your decision. Not all females know exactly when they will bleed.

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well i guess you could swim while on your period but wear a tampon, not a pad, it will return with all big and it will look like you went #2 surrounded by ur bathing suit

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if its in the ocean capably then yea some animals like ummm sharks like blood
but within a pool itll leak through ur bikini
and stain and when u swim youll have this red area around you

bring back one of those sports tampon that adjust to your body if ur going swimming

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You can, but you'll have to wear a tampon. If you wear a pad or something, it will go through it and you'll own a mess.

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because you will bleed in the pool
you can use a tampon if you want to go swimming while on you period.
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well thats not true you can swim while on your period just swim next to a tampon in

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you can swim, just use a tampon.

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Tampons. I'm a lifeguard and did swim team for two years.

Tampon give support to girls simply please?

Use a tampon.

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use a tampon.. it wont dribble

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wear a tampon.

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