Why am i doing this? is it from stress possibly?

the last couple days i notice ive be clenching my jaw, like adjectives the time. but im not doing it purposely, and then i let up and my temple hurt really bad. why do i do that?

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That is stress. I do that a lot, it recurrently leads to tension headache which can be awful. Try some stress reduction techniques.

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~ definatly stress related,,,,if you can,,,capture some type of nightguard from your dentist,,,this will help prevent wear on your teeth,,,you would be surprised how fast you can wear down the Occlusion of your teeth,,,,,if you cannot afford to see your dentist immediately,,,,I know that local drug stores sell nightguards for aprox $20.00 for the home kit.this will be ok a short time ago temporarily...but teeth grinding and clenching is a sign of those who are under alot of stress,,,,,,for some reason it is a release for stress,,,,,but immensely dangerous for our teeth...

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