Which type of doctor is the best to check for breast lumps?

Hey when it comes to clinical breast examinations where the doctor checks for lumps on your breast to see if there are any problems...is it better to enjoy a gyno check it or will a general doctor know how to check for it? Thanks

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WELL any doctor/provider has be trained and has experience in checking breasts/breast lumps but for my money I would want to see someone near the most experience and that would be a gyno. It doesn't have to be a doctor. I am a nurse practitioner and have checked more breasts than most doctors.conceivably thousands. It is usually part of your yearly feminine exam...if it is not ASK for a breast exam! And learn to check your own breasts monthly if you already don't do it..

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I would rather my gyno do it lone because I trust them and they're chicks and they understand. Plus I've been going to them for 16 years, so they know me. Being I simply go to my regular doctor for problems (like once or twice a year) and he's a dude, I'd feel odd having him check. You should be self-checking monthly, though.

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i think any one. i went to my family doctor for years for my per annum exams and just now started going to a gyno so i muse as long as you trust your family doctor and is comfortable with him/or her consequently you should be fine sticking with your normal DR

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A regular familial doctor will know how to check for it. If they don't, they just won't do it ans will recommend someone else. Gyno may be the better choice only because they specialize within the body of a woman.

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OB/GYN... you want the best and you probably will be sent in for a mammogram to see what is going on

best to you

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a podiatrist is the better choice.

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