Where is this extreme fatigue coming from?

I don't know why I feel horribly tired each morning, capably once in a while...BUT this time (for the last 7-9 days).so tired that sometimes I own to sleep at least more than 10 hours a day, one time up to 13 hours sometime (and I don't like it, it is a waste of time). I already sleep rash every night, exercise little everyday by doing lots of house chores. What did I miss? I am taking anti-seizure meds (been on it for more than 3 years, I am sure this is NOT the problem) and glucosamine pills (for joints) as well as calcium beside Vitamin D.
I have checked in GP organization and nothing's wrong with liver and kidney function. Everything's seemed fine. What hold I missed?? Sometimes I felt like I be still in dream all the time after I woke up (so I be living in day dreaming) This kina-dizzy sentiment is really bugging me.GP has no clue...I am stuck. Do you have any view??

Answers:    I am also on anti-seizure medication (for 29 years now) and I will get boughts of fatigue as well. Strange, huh?

Some individuals are going to make fun of me for this, as many relations don't believe in this, but it sounds to me like the problem may not be physical. Of course, you should verbs trying to seek out a physical problem, but in the be a sign of time look for more spiritual solutions to your problem.

When my BF was having really horrible fatigue shortly up to that time he went to Iraq, he got an Aura cleansing and that did the trick. He a moment ago had so much negative enthusiasm clinging to him that it messed his whole body up. Your mind, your body, and your spirit are all connected, so sometimes something wrong beside your emotions come out as something physical.

For instance, my mother was tested for every physical possibility science could come up beside, and it was never found out why she was rotting from the outside of her body to the inside. My theory-- and that of others I enjoy spoken to-- is that all the issues she never dealt near as a child and young adult (sexual knock about, physical abuse, and things that she always kept to herself) have manifested into "eating up" her skin. Sometimes it happen that way.

Another theary for your loss of sleep could be something called astral travel. Thats when your soul travels but your body doesn't. Can you recollect your dreams?? Maybe they are more than just dreams, your sould could be travelling. Start a dream notebook and write down your dreams. Say a prayer before you budge to sleep to whichever diety you believe in (or if you don't, to someone you care give or take a few or to your guardian angel) to please allow a restful sleep during the night so you can be energized in the hours of daylight. Try to meditate also..
The only disease I know of that causes extreme fatigue is Mononucleosis (mono). This is usually accompany by sore throat and fever, though. So, it's unlikely you have that.

I would suggest you call in your doctor and inform him/her of the situation.

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