When you goto the doc for severe menstrual cramps - what do they check / ask you ?

and of course - any stories welcome !

do you deliberate they'll look in there. or merely ask question, and schedule to look another afternoon?

or. what would they check?

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In addition to a pelvic to look/feel for any abnormalities, they'll probably do some blood test to check your hormones and thryoid levels.

It was years ago, but I surmise my doctor just did the standard pelvic exam with pap smear and prescribed birth control. He said they'd do further carrying out tests if the birth control didn't help, but I had much a reduced amount of problems once I was on birth control.

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Normally they ask you about your symptoms. But the doc should do a pelvic exam to be aware of for anything and check everything out. The doc might even schedule you for an ultrasound to see if there are any cysts. Now next to my background I have endometriosis, which doesn't show up on ultrasounds. What they usually do for i.e. a very easy surgery to find the endo, and remove it. It only depends upon the approach your doc wants to take.

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i have the same problem and at the time i had newly started having sex so they didnt do a pap smear. but they did put me on the pill. I had to dawdle until my next period to start taking them, but as soon as my time of year came for the month i was on the pill, i have no pain, which is amazing considering i would be in so much agony i couldnt move, didnt eat had fever and would throw up. but a year later when i had to renew my RX, i have a pap smear. it was only similar to ten mins long, so it wasnt that bad. but all they asked me (when i first get on them) if i was sexually active and if so for how long, how various people and how long i had have the problem. if you are under 18 they have to gross sure its okay with your parents to put you on it. but they wont tell you parents anything personal you hold told them other than the birth control will help you beside your periods. and if your a very forgetful soul, than try the patch, thats what im using now and it works just as economically

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Well they are not going to look while you are on your period..but if your not , they might give you a pelvic exam to see if you might own fibroids !

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