When will i stop growing?

I'm 16 and my breast size is a 32F. It's not like i'm fat so losing cargo wouldn't help. My family is big chested. I'm only just really sick of having to buy a new bra every 3 weeks because i grow out of them so swiftly. Plus since its a rare size it's a bit more expensive and hard to find. So here are my question: At what age will i stop growing? Does anyone know of a good store to find bras in singular sizes? Any other advice from large chested women would be thoughtful. Thanks!

Answers:    I'm 17, thin and short with 30G's and doctors hold told me I have at least 2 more years of growth ahead =(. Try some online stores and stuff to find larger sizes. If you can afford it procure custom made ones. You could stop growing tomorrow or you could grow for another few years. Most women are stopped by 21, although some stop much earlier. If its physically hurting you, look into breast reduction, but realize that it is really risky. Good Luck!.
my family is actually large-chested, but most of them can shift down to a C or D from losing weight... have u talk to ur doctor to see if there is anything abnormal almost ur growth... u should not be growing out of ur bra that quickly, even if u r large chested... at first, yes, but after a enduring point u should stop growing... have u talked to others surrounded by ur family about when they stopped growing...

anyways, i hope everything is adjectives right but i highly recommend talking to your doctor something like this one becuz u want to make sure everything is okay! good luck, though :)

and as for finding larger bras, im sure u've checked out walmart, macy's and jcpenny, but that's adjectives i've got... .
You wont!!
boobs grow or get smaller anytime
they want.
yeah it sucks
answer mine?
Perhaps you should ask your parents to consider moderation sugery Well at some point they'll stop. Thats why there aren't any size Z bras.
Just think at tiniest you don't have puny A cups...
That sounds a bit unhealthy - are you efficient of walking and sitting upright without your posterior being sore? If so, that's a good piece..if not, well, you may want to consider breast slimming down for health purposes.

Anyway, most people's breasts stop growing around their early 20's, sometimes sooner than that. I miserably don't know any stores, but you may want to look in online shopping since its easier to find a lot of things that passageway that you wouldn't otherwise find in a store.

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