What's the best pills for menstrual cramps?

Thank you for any help you provide.

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if you want over the counter pain killer, it differs with each entity. Try tylenol, aspirin, pamprin, any pain reliever that specifies muscle cramps. Just don't take too filling of a dosage for prolonged period of time because your body will build up an immunity (which is why i rotate between tylenol and aspirin every once contained by a while when i feel one is not working as well).

bar that, a heat pack works really really well to relieve cramps because it relaxes your adominal muscles. you can receive a hot water pack at home or buy the ones from the pharmacy, they work wonders. and for menstrual pains, you want to stay away from icy/cold foods and beverages and you'll want to keep yourself (feet especially!) melt. when you're body is cold, muscles tend to tense up even more.

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Pamprin is the best I've tried. I usually have horrible cramps.

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