What's HPV shot close to?

I'm trying to get my GF to get it done and she's mortal difficult. She's afraid of needles and all. What does it involve? It's not like they stick a plunger in your crotch.

Answers:    It involves three series of shots.
First isn't bad at adjectives.
Second hmm okay. You can feel it but its only sore afterwards.
Third. Wow that stuff be so thick. You better be with her when that comes around because its hurts.

But you give the impression of being like a nice guy. I'm sure you'll get her through it..
The HPV vaccine (aka Gardasil) is the one and only vaccine available right now that can combat 4 major subtypes of HPV virus that cause 70% of cervical cancer & 90% of genital warts.

It consists of 3 shots over a term of 6 months, and it's an intramuscular vaccine done on your arm. The most common side effect is stinging and pain at the injection site.

It markedly is a vaccination that most health professionals will recommend for adjectives females between the ages 9 and 26. This vaccine is most effective for women who have never have any type of sexual activity; however, it will still provide protection for women who are sexually active as long as they own not contracted any of the 4 subtypes of HPV viruses that Gardasil prevents..
No, no needles in the crotch. It's not painless, though, and can be open-handed of annoying. It's a 3 dose shot, and you have to have them adjectives done separately. If your insurance doesn't cover it, the entire series can cost close to $400.

And it feels like have liquid steel injected into your muscle tissue every time you get it. But, I would activity that even that feels better than HPV.
i got mine contained by the butt. if her arm is really thin they will put it in the butt muscle. it is not scratchy at all. tell her the benefits of the shot far surpases the strain or fear. check out gardisil.com. they have deeply of info about the shot on there. it is a vaccine for 4 types of HPV 2 that grounds warts and 2 that cause cancer. if thats not a devout reason, i dont know what is. oh, if she has insurance it should cover it =] ive gotten my gardasil shots. i have to take it 3 times: once, 2 months after, and 6 months later. it's a larger dose than any vaccine and it hurts a littler- at least possible for me. it's better to get the shot on ur leg b/c there's more muscle there than contained by the arm, therefore less tight. i cringed a little while the doctor was injecting the shot, but it's fine. i be limping a little afterwards, but i was fine.

hope this help...^.^.
those are the shots to keep you from getting like cancer right? capably you get three of them and they suck i get shots adjectives the time but these HURT badly so i can see why but tell her cancer would be worse. haha so yeah i can see where on earth she is coming from but these shots like go contained by cold and make your arm twitch and after you get one you know the subsequent two are gonna hurt. It is give in the muscle of the upper arm (deltoid). In the bureau I work in, the major side effect that we hold seen is the teenage girls who freak out in the order of the shot sometimes pass out. The medicine does burn, but if you can move about to a good nurse then it is not so bleak. It is recommended for ages 9-27..
she should get it. it is a preventitive for cervical cancer. this shot is done with contained by a time period of 6 months. i am not going to lie but they dont grain good. they do hurt a lil bit but i hate shots and i did it. trust me. adjectives 3 shots is only about 5 minutes worth of your energy time. Nothing to it. Its a series of shots. First one (arm) followed by the 2nd shot 2 months later, then a third 4 months after that. Simple injection. My 17 years outmoded daughter didn't even flinch and she's no fan of needles either..
If she doesn't want to do it later don't force her.
The just put it in your arm though.
It's freshly like a regular needle.
It economically be over in a second.
Tell her you will buy her a teddy undergo to hold on to..
Noooo they stick the thing in your arm.
it hurts close to any other shot.
but i felt so much better after i got it done.
i contemplate it's a good choice.
Your a good bf.
(i didnt hold any side effects.).
They stick a needle in your arm.
Its a series of three shots.
It does hurt, and some relations faint, bruise, or have a restlessness.
But I did it, and it didn't really hurt after a few minutes
It sure beats cervical cancer.
I heard in attendance are some really dangerous side affects to getting that shot. Do some research as to what the effects are.

This is not something you should push on her - she is the one who will have to live near it. .
It just a money maker. There is no point within getting it. It's not fully studied and there haven't long term studies. It have very bad side effects for those who receive them. Do not have her get it. Do some research on it first. no surrounded by your arms. I am getting mine too next week. I am scared but i hold got htoses befor cause you seize them in a series oof lk,eke three. Come with her to dp it and they hurt but.ya.
no its into your arm

ive widely read that it burns a lil more with those with muscle but for almost not a minute

and others it doesnt even phase them

its nothing and i hate shots and needles too.
Good for her. She shouldn't attain it.

Read below:


I'D never get this.
Yea, its not some special needle or anything its pretty standard and you acquire it in the arm It's a needle surrounded by the arm just like any other shot..
If you want some mercury contained by your system should be fine. ITS NOTHIN, JUST LIKE A REGULAR SHOT IN THE ARM THE DR GIVES YOU!.
its not really that bad
it hurts like when they
first put it surrounded by but uther
than that it isnt so bad.
It's like adjectives needles,painful. it is just approaching a shot in your arm

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