What tea or crude herb help beside menstrual cramps and breaks down the blood clots?

I know men don't like to hear about these things but i have need of to know! LOL

Bleeding after going for a run?

Actually, calcium and B complex are about the best things you can take to give support to with that sort of thing - but they clutch a while to get into your system (in other words, it will take a month in the past you notice anything, and 3 months before the optimal effect is reached)

Here are gob of peer-reviewed medical journals on the subject

Vaginal dryness?

Ginger root infused in hot hose down,Crushed raw garlic,can be added1 tsp per cup each.slowly sip.as tons as three a day.also raw onions eat with salad or whtever you like.these ingredients are tremendously good blood purifiers and cholesterol busters,and natures antibiotics.pious luck.

Has anyone taken Robinul and have a tardy time of year?

You may find something here.

Please help out i dont no?

Aspirin is derived from willow bark. When I have a easier said than done time I take a couple of aspirin and it seems to give a hand me.

Girls i enjoy a quieston (girls only)?

Willow bark. I know girls that use that

I own lumps on my breast & something white come out of it.Should i be worried?

Could i be pregnant?
At what age u should do smear examination?
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