What is the best course to relieve menstrual cramps at work?

Usually a hot bath works best, but at work, I don't have as lots options... :( In pain, please aid!

Answers:    Besides taking something like Midol to relieve the symptoms, you could use some of those disposable heating pad that stick to your back or belly. Go for a stroll, sometimes exercise helps. Drink some milk. Good luck!.
Aleve (Naproxen) is my drug of choice...Motrin (Ibuprofen) also works really very well (both are anti-prostaglandins that "shut down" the prostaglandins that cause bad cramps). If you don't enjoy any meds available, try making a cup of hot tea...it can help relax you and as a bonus you can hold it against your tummy as a make shift heat pad.

Hope you feel better soon!.
ahh that happen to me before. since im at work im going to assume u dont have the luxury of a hot wipe or a hot water bottle. so first remove any pressure u have on ur lower stomach i.e. belts? a moment ago undo them while ur sitting down. u failed to be somewhat more specific as to wat ur job entails, so i dont know if you are constantly walking or sitting. if ur constantly walking, preserve an even breath..for me, fast short breaths do the trick. pills dont work for me, but they might for you so go and purloin a crack at midol or advil..whatever you happen to enjoy handy. crouching and hugging your knees also works, but as i do not expect you to get on all fours contained by the middle of a work place, you might try the bathroom.. u can sit on the toilet seat and just hoist ur legs to urself and huggem like on any other chair. i hold that problem to. I bend a little before departing the house. I don't wear tight jeans (they kill my stomach), and I take 2 midols back I walk thru the door to let them enjoy time to kick in. If that doesn't work, consequently drink warm things. IDK why they help, but they do..
dasjhfo;UEGLZU'SEFIOPYUASOIEFHY;O Put your mitt on your tummy or get a mug of tea/coffee and hold it in your nouns. Just make sure no one get the wrong idea. :).
Midol.Works wonders Tylenol or and heating padson your lower stomatch.
Midol! It make even the toughest cramps go away and it works fast. I approaching Excedrin, or Mydol .
Midol does WONDERS! i take an Advil pill, and i feel as if i didn't even enjoy my period!!

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