What is considered "normal" after a tubal ligation?

In May of this year I had my tubes tied with the Fallope Ring method(the implant instead of the tubes just being cut or tied method) this process I was told that there would be smaller quantity problems. I don't know if it's just me or have others have problems with their stomachs having a bloated sensation adjectives the time or occasional side pains(around the implant area) that are severe???

Answers:    Three of my friends have have their tubes tied. Most have said they have that bloated fancy or pain in their sides or back. All of them also have complained of their periods self heavier and having more cramping and pain during their extent than before surgery. This was one justification I opted to NOT have mine done.

You should see a doctor to clear sure you dont have a tubal pregnancy cuz that is intensely common.

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