What do you know something like Osteoporosis

If it runs in my family what is my hit and miss of getting it? (I am a white female, 23) How can I avoid it? I take calcuim/vitamin D, so am I risk-free? Iam kinda worried because I noticed my teeth are getting a bit weak.

Answers:    I am 25 and I own the same concerns. My grandma has it and both my mom and aunt enjoy Osteropenia, the first stage before Osteoporosis. I have found that when I be in strength training in conservatory I had stronger bones than I do now. I also hold had a son that I breastfed for almost 2 years which felt draining on my calcium. So verbs taking vitamins and maybe start lifting light consignment. Or go here.


PS: That is stupid to say "use whitening strips" when her teeth are getting thin!.
Osteoporosis usually occurs in woman who enjoy went through menopause, either smoothly or surgically. When the ovaries stop producing the hormone estrogen, is when the teeth and bones become more poris and frail. If you are 23, you probably have nothing to alarm for awhile, but it is good to take your calcium. The vitamin D is what breaks the calcium down and allows your body to occupy it better. Taking it now and through out your life will diffenantly pass you a better chance of having stronger bones and teeth through out your natural life. It is recommended to try to take at least 1500 to 2000 mg. of calcium a daylight. See a dentist soon if you feel that your teeth are thinning. It could be due to other problems in your body! Actually shipment baring activities is one of the best ways to prevent osteoporosis. So you requirement to be lifting weights or do something around the house that requires you to pump those muscles.
Think about it. Some cultures such as the chinese culture don't eat or drink lots of dairy products but they own some of the lowest levels of osteoporosis. Makes you wonder. .
I also have a clan history of osteoporosis. My mom is currently taken a new drug forteo for it. Calcium is important. I lift 1000 mg/day. Also weight bearing exercise and calcium rich foods. Take thoroughness of your teeth! My mom will be w/o teeth for 2 mo. b.c she has osteo and didn't take trouble of them. Also don't smoke. Don't drink a lot of dark sodas. .you involve calcium and vitamin D also exercise with weight to preserve the bone strong and its the disease of the bone when the bone is weak and easily broken due to the absence of calcium intake and vitamon D this is corrected by drinking milk and take calcium and vitamin .
I understand your concern. I am a 26 year outmoded black female and I have osteopenia even though I drink a great deal of milk. My doctor told me to do weight bearing exercises concentrated on the larger bones. I would ask you Doctor the subsequent time you go for your next physical because unless nearby is a Doctor here(which i doubt). I dont think any of us are qualified to answer this..
keep drinking ur milk. preserve those bones strong.

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