What could this be? Help please

Ive felt like this for pretty a while now i just want awareness and no i can't see a doctor lol well these are the symptoms ;

- Get dizziness when standing
- 2 dents in my principal on the left side.
- Headaches really often at the subsidise and middle of my head.
- Lump in the vaginal nouns (tmi but its been there for 2months)
- Tiredness
- I consistency angry more often when i used to be aswell?

I'm 14 but dont say its my hormones because it isnt i own has these symptoms for ages now.

Anyone own any advice apart form going to the doctor please tell me :D

Answers:    You won't approaching what I'm gonna say, but go to a doctor.. Have someone dance with you into the room if you're really that scared of them.. They won't hurt you, I promise!! You might enjoy hypoglycemia or maybe diebetes.. Go to www.mayoclinic.com and you can look up some stuff you might think you enjoy.. But, please go to a doctor!.
Call ask a nurse at your local hospital. See if there is any Health Clinics contained by your area, and tell them you want to see a Doctor and you can't afford it, they can tell you what to do. Some of the Clinics will see you with out unfolding your parents. Go to your school nurse and ask her if she might be able to refer you to someone that could back you in your area. I know it's not what you want to hear, but hun you really should turn see a doctor. I know your scared of them but this could be really serious. Sorry I know that it's not what you wanted to hear but I dont meditate you have any other options.
Get to a doctor!
it could be some bare you were born with.
but freshly in case dance see a doctor..
Look this is silly, you need to see a Dr with this symptomatic height. It's impossible to tell if these problems are related or separate without an nouns and possible further tests. I understand your frightened of Dr's and Nurses but we don't bite! we are in that to help you! Clearly your worried about this, so what's worse, seeing your GP or not have this seen to, and sitting there worrying something like it? It could be a number of things, but I feel it would be irresponsible of me to sit here and speculate and produce further worry to you. So please, see your Dr, what's the worse that can happen? Some of your symptoms sounds hormonal, which is without blemish normal as your GP will explain to you. Woh, you need to converse to your mum or something, dents to the head isn't a good sign at adjectives, which is probably a reason for dizziness, headaches, tiredness and anger - most guide injuries have these symptoms. Did you take a tumble as a toddler?

Dizziness and headache can be caused by dehydration and tiredness; drink and sleep.
Hormones *do* go haywire when you're off-colour, it's a fact.

Chat to your parents and see if they can take you. I can't suggest anything for your vaginal lump though, strange lumps, bumps, pain etc. in that nouns is normally not a good sign and you really should see someone professional just about it.

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