What can I do almost my menstrual cramps?

I am 13 and my parents are in bed (they go to bed really early) and I enjoy terrible cramps. A heating wipe didn't work and ibuprofen didn't do a thing. I'm also worried because my period isn't supposed to com for another 2 weeks. I in recent times want to know how to get rid of the pain!

Answers:    ok all right i get the same problem which really sucks .
what i do is use tylenol extra strength which really works,,,try usi n these remedies beacuse it might help out you alot

Step1Lie on your back in your shower, turn on the hot marine, and target the stream of water on your abdominal area. The hot sea will ease the pain and relax the muscles. If you enjoy a shower massage, set it on a gentle rub.
Step2Fill a sock with rice or beans. Sew the top closed and heat the sock surrounded by the microwave for about 2 minutes. Lie down and press the sock on painful areas, moving it to a different nouns every few minutes. You may find it more helpful to lie on your stomach and press the sock on your lower rear legs.
Step3Try putting some herbs in the sock along beside the rice or beans. Valerian, pennyroyal and ginger can be especially helpful for easing cramps, and the aroma therapy will soothe and relax you.
Step4Go for a totter or do some light exercises or stretching. Exercise will improve circulation to the aching areas and will reduce muscle tension.
Step5Take a mineral hip bath. Add 1 cup of sea salt and 1 cup of baking soda to the reheat water and soak for about 20 minutes.
Aw, sweetie, I'm so sorry. The heat pad may not get rid of them completely, but it should comfort while it's on you. They key is to realize that you're managing pain, not eliminate it. You could also try getting into a hot bath, that puts the warmth adjectives around you.

It may be ovulation pain, which should go away within about a half-day or something, and wouldn't respond to heat. Is it on one side or the other, more? If you took an ibuprofen surrounded by that case, you're just going to enjoy to wait it out. Knowing that it will pass should comfort..
well your young so irregularity is regular. It's strange that ibuprofen didn't work because that's what I usually use. Are you sure you gave it time to work, the pain isn't going to step away in two seconds right after you popped the pills? Try taking a hip bath (if possible, idk if that would wake up your parents) it'll be relaxing. I sure know what pains about. I am really sick right presently and im not eating and i lsot 10 pounds and im doing terrible. Try the heat pad again or tylonal or advil. There isnt much oyu can sdo sorry. you might jsut gotta wait it out. You can stir up ur parents iff it gets worse though.
How much ibuprofen did you take. 600mg help me. I would go sit in a heat bath, or exercise, as much as it hurts, it helps. If you own an Advil PM orTylenol PM take that instead of the ibuprofen 600mg. Next month, start taking the ibprofen a couple of days before your extent. Heating pads don't work for me either, so when my cramps are at their worst, I bring a bubble bath. Fill the tub with hose as hot as you can stand it (don't burn yourself of course though) and try to relax. Sorry about your discomfort. Hope this helps. X.
Try taking a nice warm tub, after that - try the heating pad.
If you enjoy that cooling gel, massage it onto your stomach. I helps me adjectives the time, hope it helps you, and most of all - I hope I help!
try streatching your lower back! drinkg something hot! like hot chocolate! try to relax and try not to come up with about it! well hope this help! good luck! =]

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