What can a doctor prescribe for unpromising menstrual cramps?

I'm going to the doctor Thursday about my bad period.Is there anything that she can prescribe for bad menstual cramps?I enjoy been diagnosed with dysmenorrhea(painful periods)and mittelsmerz.Is here anything that she can presribe for me besides birth control pills?I can't take birth contol pills because they give me migraines and no OTC medication is helping the cramps.

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They usually prescribe birth control, because is decreases cramps and blood flow during your period. Other than that, they usually prescribe over the counter Motrin or something resembling Pamprin. I have used Premsyn and it has worked approach better than Pamprin and Motrin combined.

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Percocet or Vicodin but the doctor probably wont want to write you a script for those medications because of addiction. If you get hold of luck he will write one though and tell you to make them later because he wont write anymore. If you do get narcotic pain killer be very careful to follow strict directions because they are especially addictive but most effective for pain.

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