What are the probability of my HPV virus going away?...theyre not other permenant right?

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You should do a bit of reading on this, so you know what you have and try to take back what your Doctor said. This is from a HPV website:

Treatment of HPV
Can HPV be cured?

Most people with HPV hold no signs or symptoms and HPV will clear up by itself.

Unlike other sexually transmitted infections, HPV is caused by a virus and viruses cannot be cured near antibiotics. There is currently no medical cure to eliminate the HPV virus. There is currently one vaccine available to prevent the two most common strains associated beside genital and anal cancers and the 2 most common strains associated next to warts. You should speak to your physician about this likelihood.

Treatment depends on the type of HPV virus you have contracted. If you have contracted the low risk types of HPV that create genital warts, the warts can be removed near treatment at home or at your physician's office. If you have contracted elevated risk types of HPV that cause cervical, anal or other genital cancer, the treatment will depend on the stage of development at the time of diagnosis.

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The character of viruses is that they don't go away, they basically lie dormant if treated correctly so will have no physical signs or symptoms.

It's like with influenza. It never goes away, but after a while it get to a point where it can't do anything.

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a virus has no cure, so no it will not be in motion away. there are medications that you can use to minimize the amount of wart you get, but the virus will always be here.

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There aren't meds to treat it and it "usually" goes away without you have to do anything about it.

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