What are some of the condition problems associated near PCOS??????

I have PCOS, what are some of the health issues involved beside the syndrome? I've heard I'm pre-diabetic, is this true? What about large cholesterol? What kind of diet is best for people next to PCOS??

Answers:    D. All of the above

According to Dr. Katherine Sherif, an expert in PCOS, in insert to the symptoms typically associated with the syndrome, women with PCOS also hold an increased risk of:

1. Endometrial Cancer
2. Obstructive Sleep Apnea
3. Depression
4. 4 times more likely to develop hypothyroidism
5. Hypertension (high blood pressure)
6. Hyperlipidemia (aka high cholesterol)
7. Abnormal carbohydrate metaboloism (insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, imparied fast glucose)
8. Metabolic syndrome

I pulled this list from The Dietitian's Guide to PCOS by Angela Grassi, a nutritionist with PCOS herself. Her website is www.pcosnutrition.com In her book she looks at the a variety of diets and studies performed. In summary it showed:

High carbohydrate diets have be shown to worsen insulin resistance and triglycerides, and contribute to metabolic syndrome.

Low carbohydrate diets, where less than 30 percent of your on a daily basis caloric intake is from carbohydrates, have not been proven to be superior to other diest contained by improving PCOS.

A moderately low GI (glycemic index) diet can be benefical in on an upward curve PCOS.

There are lots of websites and books on low GI diets. .
I have pocs too, for about 6 months and I hold done the Atkins Diet and I have reached my just the thing weight 148 (I'm 5'9) but since pocs never goes away I hold regulated my body again I have control over my body again, plus I lost weight so I look and surface better:) My doctor has me taking metormin and that has help with the weight loss also:)
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