What are some apt ways to relieve twinge from menstrual cramps?

I took Midol about 35 minutes ago and it got a short time bit better, but the cramps are still terrible. I woke up an hour and a half ago, because the distress is unbearable. I've been pace around the house, because that seems to help. I wasn't sure if I should lift midol because I am on prescription medicine, but once I found out it was okay to purloin it, I did. How long does it usually take for Midol to kick contained by and what are some of your home remedies to ease the pain?

Answers:    Take a nice, hot tub. It really helps. Or put a heating wad on your stomach. Any pain reliever takes going on for 30-45 minutes to kick in. I'm not crazy going on for Midol, Tylenol helps me more. But the bath or heat pad beat out twinge relievers. Good luck!.
I'm not sure how bad your cramps are, but I get horrible cramps for the 1st time..I found that laying on my side on a couch really helps..But if they are really discouraging I would go to the doctors to get an ultrasound, I only just went and got one because I have really bad cramps, and I found out that I have a cyst on my ovary. i usually boil marine n put it in a bottle and place a thick cloth on my tummy after place the bottle it helps a lot impose the warmth burns the walls and the blood flows in without delay, another thing i have sex lead to it reduces the pain too and lastly use ibprufen it help instantly..hopes that helps u
hot water bottle and 2 paracetamols other work for me, dont you just hate period????
dont use midol becuase i dont think its affecting you very very well I usually Advil. That takes care of them for hours. If they are really doomed to failure, get a heating wad. Maybe drink some hot tea. That helps for me. .
advil actually works better than midol for me
heat pad
laying around really help.
take a midol or advil jump within a the warm shower than lay down and take a nice sleep truth? ibuprofen and whiskey.
When my cramps are that severe the only thing that help is a heating pad or terribly hot bath. this may sound weird and wonderful but try having a mint it does actually work. .
hot tub, for sure, lie back, put your legs up. sweet. I enjoy bad cramps for at least one full afternoon of my period, my doctor gives me a prescription for 800 mg Motrin for at the moment and it works great. However, I have found that it helps abundantly to also distract myself; if I can get busy or interested in something else as the Motrin kick in I really do forget all almost having cramps to start with. The worst entity to do is sit there all tensed up waiting for it to work!
You can win the same 800 mg of ibuprophen OTC by using 200 mg ibuprophen; it's not buffered so you don't want to take that dose more than a couple times a month and not on an void stomach.
Heating pads can help by relaxing the emotional muscles in your abdomen (that enjoy tightened up in reaction to the cramps) and by soothing your mind as you discern comfort seeping in.
Some mornings, I run my Motrin, decide I'm not going to let this attain in my way -- I'm not sick! -- and give the brush-off it, knowing it will get better when the Motrin kicks within. And while I may still feel some occasional pains, it's not enough to carry in the way of my natural life.
So part of it is attitude and stubborness!

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