What are easy methods to get rid of menstrual cramps? ?

Answers:    Ibuprofen (Advil) and a large glass of milk works for me. Calcium is great and the Ibuprofen helps reduces the inflammation. But this doesn't work for everyone..
Put an ice pack over your stomach- it actually works after a while.

Eat pineapples- there's a chemical in them that will help ease menstrual pains.

Take medicine- ibuprofen works the best for me

Talk to your doctor- if they're really bad, you should get a perscription for naproxen. .
the best method is to take pain killers. For best results, what you should do is time your period find out how much days there are in between and start takin the ibuprofen or whatever pain killer the day before and continue taking the pills as long as u think necessary (follow directions on which ever pain killer you choose) i particularly love aleve. i take it the night before i know i'm supposed to get my period The easiest way really is to just take some ibuprofen or whatever pain reliever works best for you. Applying heat also helps relieve the pain like placing a heating pad down and laying on it. I've heard rubbing lavendar on it helps relieve the pain but I'm not sure if that actually works. Working out also helps if you are able to actually get up and go :).
Bananas and pineapples help with cramps.
Advil, Tylenol, Midol help with cramps.
Lie down or sit down crouching toward your stomach.
Put a hotpack over your stomach..
a warm bath
fish oil or flaxseed oil

i hope you find these helpful

here's some other helpful info: http://www.womenshealth.org/a/treat_dysm... .
Midol or pamprin or any other pain relieving medication.
Hot water bottle or hot bath.
walking or jogging.
laying down in fetal position..
If you don't find the act offensive, then masturbation can really help relax the muscles in that area. I usually take a Motrin and but a hot pack on my stomach while I wait for the motrin to take effect..
Ibuprofen, exercising more throughout the month. take midol, put a heating pack on, and excersice as much as possible .
Midol and a hot water bottle.
pain killer or midol... or sparkling water with any flavor.
medicine and a heating pad

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