What are honourable ways to trim down stress?

I am often found stressed out, what are some ways to reduce stress?

Painful boob 15 years antediluvian, relief!-*10 points*?

Exercising is one of the best ways. If you own any hobbies, or interests, try setting aside time to do those without interuption. Mostly something that you can do with your hand or body (yoga, gardening, sewing) that allows your body to work on autopilot and your mind to release tension.

Also try spending time with your kinfolk and friends, or even pets. It's been proving that petting animals lowers your heart rate and reduces stress.

I haven't gotten my term surrounded by over a month and 1/2 I enjoy NEVER have sex im serious and my bellybutton hurts?

you can do some physical worrk approaching running or walking beside river or beach and can take a long tub after that. then listen some slow music, have a simple breakfast time and go for sleep.

How do i go and get rid of a thrush resembling infection?

A good long totter helps me alot.

Im going to a Gynaecologist and im scaredddd?

listen to touching songs.cry a little

What do you do when midol fail?

Hey girls?
Pap smear?
It really really burns.?
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