Very Painful Menstrual Cramps? Any remedies to facilitate?

I stopped taking my birth control pills in January and the last 2 periods(including this one, I started today) enjoy been very prickly. I started taking my pill again today but I know it won't take affect till next spell so what can I do to help the pain in a minute? I took an 800mg of ibuprofen at about 1 pm today and it helped but I took another one at roughly 10:45 pm and I still haven't seen(felt) any results. It is 11:54 now. Please help. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions will be immensely appreciated.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of menstrual cramps, it's important to see your doctor to be properly diagnosed.

Although certain unprocessed remedies show some promise, there hasn't been plenty research at this point to conclude they're effective. Here are some of the more popular crude remedies for menstrual cramps.

- Magnesium
- Acupressure
- Omega-3 Fatty Acids
- Low-fat diet
- Vitamin E
- Vitamin B1
- Heat (such as a heat pack, warm bath/shower)
- Aromatherapy
- Massage
- Calcium
- Chiropractic
- Exercise
- You could step to the chemist and ask them for something for the pain

I would recommend that if painful cramps during your interval is so bad that it interferes with your day by day activities or causes you to miss work/school because of it, that you categorically see your doctor/gynaecologist for further evaluation as painful periods can sometimes be cause by conditions such as endometriosis which can sometimes cause severe pain from an impulsive age (although the pain typically gets worse as the disease does more make worse with each monthly cycle). Other cause can include fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease and sometimes a narrowing of the cervix.

Hope this helps. Good luck :)

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If the pain is that fruitless than try picking up some Midol. That has more targeted strength than ibuprofen for menstrual cramps. Also a hot bath or shower will assist. The heat of the water will relax your muscles and alleviate the pain. Or a hot cloth on your stomach.
The effects of ibuprofen wear off after FOUR hours, so you should be taking 800 mg every 4 hours while experiencing cramps. Also stay away from pop--that could trademark it worse.

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Take the 800mg every 6-8 hours. It can take ibuprofen an hour or so to take its full effect. I'm guessing you took 800mg at 10:45pm? If you hold and you are still in pain, purloin 2 extra-strength Tylenol/aceteminophen. I used to have to take 800mg ibuprofen plus 2 extra-strength Tylenol to grasp relief.

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Okay, I totaly got this one! I bring back them really really bad!
Start taking calcium magnesium and zinc vitamins, they come in one bottle, you single have to take two pills a sunshine and it works, now I bearly ever cramp! My friend told me about it becuase she get them bad too. =))) hope it helps!

Oh! And you can find them at any drug store and tons organic food stores.

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I have found to place a hot wad over where it hurts it sooths and relieves the pain. (Temporarily) But it feel amazing and so relaxing. I do it every time I need to and it works for me.

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for your painful menstrual cramps, here are some terrifically effective home remedies and you will also be free from side-effects. so, try these remedies :

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i heard midol works wonders.

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at least possible your not pregnant!!

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You NEED to make an appointment with your Gynecologist ASAP and agree to them know how miserable and painfull your period cramps are even when you take birth control pills and over the counter meds such as Motrin and Advil. The doctor can prescribe narcotic type medication such as Vicodin or Oxycontin, Percocet or Codeine. These are adjectives excellent pain medications. The most adjectives side effect is Nausea so be sure to also ask for something for the nausea. Make sure you bring a friend, or relative with you to your appointment as an advocate for your throbbing issues, they can stress your life is miserable during your periods and you REALLY do call for something strong for pain. With any luck you'll get a concerned doctor who will confer you what you need. No worry to be concerned roughly addiction since only take it during your period once a month. You probably have a very adjectives disease Endometriosis which also causes heavy and irregular period and makes it hard to procure pregnant. But other conditions women get can also cause painfull period like Ovarian Cysts. Go see your Doctor ASAP. PLEASE, you need to find nouns from the pain. There is NO reason to suffer contained by this day and age when so many pills are available to relaxation your pain. And second you need to find out the do of your severe menstrual cramping. Best of luck. In the meantime, please use a hot water bottle bought at any pharmacy or drug store.

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i find that exercise can help
rice sock - bring any old sock fill it up next to rice tie a knot so rice does not fall out stick it contained by the microwave until it is warm then place it over where on earth it hurts
and also taking a warm bath
heat pad over the painful nouns
drinking hot freshly made jasmine tea with honey and ginseng or just honey works wonderfully
perfect luck :D

on the another note if your cramps really hurt that bad you should progress to see your gyno because there might be some changes contained by your body. this change may be good or unpromising. so i highly strongly suggest that you see your gyno immediately
because cramps should not stop relations from living

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