Uterine fibroids and put money on dull pain? tailbone backache...anyone experience fibroids?

I found out I have 3 fibroids, a 6 cm one and two smaller ones. I had a toddler 10 months ago and when I first became pregnant, the pain surrounded by my tailbone was excruciating. The big fiboid got to softball size while pregnant and is presently 6cm. I thought the pain would go away after the infant, just thought it was a pregnancy ailment. But in a minute, I can't sit on hard surfaces or lay on the floor without excruciating misery. I feel like I am person stabbed in my tailbone whenever I sit down. I have be complaining to my obgyn about the back discomfort and he sent me to a physical therapist. no help. My cycles are super robust now and I'm miserable. I just not here the obgyn doctors office about my ultrasound for the fibroids and he said not to do anything in the order of them unless I am done having kids. I told him I'm not sure and he said to just purloin Aleve. That's not cutting it. On the way home, my husband said, did you ask him if to be exact why you are having the back cramp? I didn't even think of that. Now I am reading online about firoids and hindmost pain and I'm thinking this could be the cause. Has anyone experienced this type of throbbing with fibroids?

Answers:    try motrin/ibuprofin and sitting in hot baths.

I touch for you.

I had them..and I told the doctor it was similar to someone grabbing the skin of his testicles with a set of two of vice grips and twisting.

I went through the super heavy period too..then I had a hysterectomy a few months next.

The doctor felt all the fibroids on the year of the operation and apologized for the five years of pain..

but My pain be not nearly as bad as yours. Not even close.

If Motrin does not work (it did for me) maybe try tolectin or robaxin.

YES! It' horrible!! Call your gyn, they can remove the fibroids and relieve the aching, not a simple solution, but effective.

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