Tubal Ligation.. everything I read is cynical almost have this done.?

Does anyone have positive things to say going on for having a TL. All I'm reading is negative. I would approaching to hear the positive comments only please.

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When it comes time for a couple to discuss the issue of permanent sterilization, the risks and benefits of tubal ligation (for the womanly partner) verses vasectomy (for the male partner) are an earth-shattering consideration. Certainly in past years tubal ligation have been more popular than vasectomy in North America. By comparing the noteworthy characteristics about each, the reason behind the shifting trends in favor of vasectomy, become adjectives.

In skilled hands vasectomy has a letdown rate approximately equal to tubal ligation - somewhere between 1/200 and 1/500. The success of a vasectomy can be confirmed by doing semen checks. The success of a tubal ligation cannot be confirmed by any conventional trialling (except an unwanted pregnancy). After a vasectomy has been confirmed successful, near remains a small risk of failure over the next 10 years – judge to equal approximately 1 in 3000*. The risk of failure for tubal ligation increases near the amount of time. The chances of successful procedure are approximately 1 in 500 to 1 surrounded by 200, (dependant upon surgeon) and while the woman remains fertile, the risks increase approximately two-fold. If a vasectomy fails the couple may have to promise with the pregnancy. If tubal ligation fails the most adjectives site of a pregnancy is what is termed an “ectopic pregnancy”. This is a pregnancy in a place excluding in the uterus where it supposed to go on (i.e. the fallopian tubes or elsewhere). Surgery is often required to extract the non-viable embryo usually at great risk to the mother.

Vasectomy is a simple straightforward operation. It can be done in a doctor’s department using local anesthetic. Tubal ligation must be done in a hospital using general anesthetic which carry higher risks. Therefore, surgical risks in vasectomy are also considered much smaller number than with tubal ligation. In fact annihilation resulting from a vasectomy is virtually unheard of. Complications can occur from vasectomy like scrotal hematoma (i.e. a massive blood filled scrotum) that takes months to resolve or chronic twinge syndrome, which may take months or years to resolve. Serious complications from tubal ligation that can be life threatening come to pass with a higher frequency. For example bowel or chief vessel rupture occurs approximately 1 in 1000 times beside tubal ligation. Though very uncommon, complications following tubal ligation can also front to death.

In summary as couples become more educated in connection with the benefits and risks of these two procedures and men become more sensitive and responsible to the responsibilities incumbent upon them in dealing with birth control, it is expected that the vasectomy will continue to increase in popularity over tubal ligations.

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At the time I have mine, I DIDN'T want one! MY ex hubby made me have it done.
It didn't cause me any problems that I am aware of. I'd other had problems with "fibroids" so roughly 9 years later, I needed a hystorectomy. I doubt the TL had anything what so ever to do near this.
The positive side to this, is not putting birth control pills or having to use any birth control is out! No worries of pregnancy.
I've heard that the TL where on earth they use clips can become a problem. Just have them carterize them instead.

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I had no problem next to mine, it's easiest for them to do immediately following childbirth.

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