Stress?>? relieve?

i have being to the doctor again yesterday, im have some problem with my heart & it dosent go away, i own to take more tablets again, he said to me that i get ot stress & he dosent know what it could start after. is not easy for me to be calm approaching nothink is going on around me.. help?

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I have like peas in a pod problem, i stress about nothing, nil is going on around me, except mine doesnt effect my heart mine affects my weight and eating.

For mine i help yourself to vitamin b stress pills, they help alot on some days.

Theres also a spray/drops called "rescue remedy" i hold not yet tried it but my mother uses and its calms her down.

I hope that help.

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You could try Vit B Complex and it works.
You also need to compose yourself and be calm contained by situations. When you are stressed out you tend to lose your cool and make mistakes and then anxiety may set within. When anxiety sets in you you could end up surrounded by Gastritis and Heartburn. Heartburn is not a Heart problem. You need to take antacids to control the burn/pain and also bite at something like a cracker.
Take breathing excercises when stressed, it'll help you relax.

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I enjoy found that taking B Complex can be very good at helping next to stress. Ask him if it's ok to try taking B Complex to see if that might be of some help to you. I get my B Complex at The Vitamin Shoppe.

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Why don't you try stress tea to curtail your stress. You can get it online at

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Have you ever been to a Chinese herbalist? Or read up on inbred products.

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